Palm Bay International

Digital Transformation & ReBrand


We embarked on a transformative journey with Palm Bay International, a prominent US-based importer of wine and spirits, aimed at revolutionizing their digital presence. 

This comprehensive initiative aimed to overhaul Palm Bay’s digital strategy, culminating in the development of a new website, a bespoke sales tool generator and a new brand identity.

Our approach integrated brand redesign seamlessly with digital transformation efforts. We created responsive logos, established social media guidelines and redesigned all marketing collateral including tech sheets, shelf talkers, review flyers, editable PowerPoint templates and more. 

Client :

Palm Bay International


Design, Art Direction, Website, SEO, Social media strategy, Content Stratehy, User Profiles, Digital Transformation, Content Development & Amplification


Client :

Palm Bay International


Design, Art Direction, Website, SEO, Social media strategy, Content Stratehy, User Profiles, Digital Transformation, Content Development & Amplification



The project’s inception involved an arduous Strategy phase, where our team conducted extensive interviews with over 25 key stakeholders and team members. 

This phase was instrumental in articulating Palm Bay’s business challenges, objectives, and the pivotal role of digital solutions in bolstering their operational efficiency. Given the intricate landscape of 50 different state rules and regulations governing the industry, understanding the nuances was paramount. 

Chelsea & Co crafted a comprehensive user experience strategy, delineating five distinct user profiles, while also formulating content, tech, AI, social media, and brand strategies. Recognizing the necessity for a rebrand to augment digital responsiveness and future positioning, our team collaborated closely with Palm Bay’s family members, resulting in a new logo, wordmark, and monogram characterized by a timeless, elegant, and scalable design.

New Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

Chelsea and Co’s collaboration with Palm Bay International extended to a strategic redesign endeavor, which included the creation of a new logo, wordmark, and monogram. These elements were crafted to not only differentiate Palm Bay from its competitors but also to ensure a cohesive and adaptable visual identity across various digital platforms.

By aligning the rebranding efforts with the overarching digital transformation strategy, our team facilitated Palm Bay’s evolution into a digitally responsive and forward-thinking entity.

New Website

Central to the digital transformation initiative was the development of a cutting-edge corporate website  that prominently showcased Palm Bay’s diverse portfolio of brands. 

Moreover, we integrated a Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Content Management System (CMS) to streamline content dissemination and management to deliver a single source of truth. 

A key deliverable of the project was the creation of a bespoke sales tool generator, tailored to Palm Bay’s unique requirements. This innovative tool empowered sales representatives, irrespective of their technical proficiency, to effortlessly generate comprehensive sales materials, including pitch decks, sales sheets, tech sheets, and web brochures. By automating the creation process and adhering to the newly established brand guidelines, the sales tool generator significantly enhanced operational efficiency, as evidenced by the substantial time savings reported by the sales team.

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