We help Wine & Spirits
go global with digital.

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Chelsea & Co. is an award-winning international digital-first creative agency for wine & spirits

We design, create, build and maintain your entire digital presence, transforming traditional brands into digital players with global reach.

What we can help you achieve
  • Break into new markets across the globe
  • Scale your product, new or old
  • Re-brand or improve your brand’s image


Palm Bay International

We embarked on a transformative journey with Palm Bay International, a prominent US-based importer of wine and spirits, aimed at revolutionizing their digital presence with a single source of truth. 

Digital Transformation

See how we designed and implemented a global digital strategy for the award-winning premium Rum, Dos Maderas. 

We changed the perception of Spanish sherry wines both at home and around the world, in a measurable way. How? Click the image to see our work. 

Meet our team

Work with professionals who know wine & spirits as much as they know creative led digital strategies. 

We are a women-led team of international digital creatives & marketers with more than 25 years of expertise.  Our work is grounded in authenticity, empathy and most importantly, passion – it’s the fire in our bellies that makes the difference.

Our secret blend?
360º Marketing experts
Digital-savvy wine & spirits professionals
360º marketing experts
Digital-savvy wine & spirits professionals
Currently working across 4 continents, 9 countries and counting

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