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We partnered with the D.O. CAVA to design their first ever global digital strategy.

Our mission: to raise and improve the image of Cava through compelling content focussed on educating and differentiating Cava as a quality Spanish sparkling wine.

Applying our 3 step methodology to the project we first started with the Evaluation phase. We reviewed sales data, analysed SEO, considered the results from focus groups and interviewed the D.O. Cava and its partners. Considering analytics from the current website were not available, we surveyed 15 industry professionals to better understand their online needs from the D.O. they included wine buyers, sommeliers & media.

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Design, Art Direction, Website, SEO, Social media strategy , Content Strategy , User Profiles, Translation, Database activation , Photography, Digital Transformation, Content Development & Amplification



The category faced several challenges including little to no knowledge that Cava shared the same artisanal qualities as Champagne, lack of readily available information regarding the wines origins and production techniques, difficulty in accessing information about the Cava wineries and a weak online presence.

The insights from the evaluation phase where crucial in designing a results based digital strategy. The first step in phase 2 of methodology – designing the strategy was to identify the target audience and create clear user journeys based on their exposure to cava and their content needs. Following this process we were able to outline an depth content strategy focussed on 3 clear content pillars, that would become the foundations for all future communications.

CAVA – ready to consume. The categories, types and classifications

ORIGIN – where and how it is made, the regions, grapes, production method

DISCOVER – how to enjoy it, including wine tourism, recipes, serving and cocktails.

We developed an in-depth content matrix for the new global portal with a focus to educate and differentiate Cava as a quality Spanish sparkling wine including its varietals, regions, method, production, industry and the role of the D.O. Cava.

In addition we would position Cava as THE preferred sparkling wine to pair with food whilst facilitating the find-ability of all wineries listed in the D.O. CAVA (300+)


A refreshed image of the D.O. Cava inclusive of a global portal in 3 languages boasting more than 300 pages of in-depth SEO centric content.

The transformation to digital for the D.O. has included a renewed brand with a modern look and feel, tone of voice, photography, infographics, in depth content written in 3 languages that covers everything from how to serve and conserve Cava to dedicated pages for each category and type of Cava, to winemaking techniques, recipe pairings from around the world, cocktails, guest bloggers and unique listing pages for all wineries listed in the D.O Cava.

Users have the ability to search the wineries based on if they have online stores, offer wine tourism, contact the wineries and follow them on social media.

Art Direction & Brand guidelines, Infographics and Design: Katya Kovalenko

Editorial Direction & Wine Marketing Consultancy: Amaia Soto

Photography Lifestyle: Egami Productions

Photography Vineyards: Sam Zucker

Photography Cocktails, D.O. & lifestyle:  Alex Froloff

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