Digital transformation in the wine-growing industry

In wine marketing, tradition and innovation must go together.

So why is that the majority of wineries still adopt traditional thinking?

The pandemic has forced Spanish wine companies to start thinking differently.

This has resulted in a boom of first-ever online tastings and masterclasses by both DOs and wineries around the world.

Personally I have found this extremely exciting and consumers have obviously been finding this exciting too.

As a result of this innovation in Spain alone, Bodeboca recorded an 85% increase in sales and Lavino recorded that 46% of their traffic is from new clients.

It’s true that previously it wasn’t really part of the Spanish culture to buy online or participate in online tastings.

But the world is changing and to stay relevant, we must evolve.

People have now experienced the convenience of buying online and participating in tastings which normally would require hours of travel and pre-planning.

Of course, buying in stores will still be relevant.  But the adoption of buying, discovering and experiencing wine online has pushed us forward at least 5 years and it’s here to stay.

Some of the benefits of an online brand transformation include enhanced customer experience that’s focused on their needs and preferences, not yours.

Deeper insights can also be gained from real-time information which greatly helps leaders produce higher revenue from improved productivity and customer appreciation.

Lastly, it allows the company to remain competitive and relevant within their target market.

These days, the majority of any businesses’ customers live in a world dominated by technology and can basically access anything from their smartphones.

Given they are equipped with this lifestyle, they naturally expect fast and efficient service no matter what they’re purchasing.

One of the very many benefits of marketing digitally is being able to focus on the user’s needs from the real-time information received.  

Before the coronavirus hit, I visited a major wine fair and was really surprised that barely anyone was using digital tactics at their stand.

As I was walking around, so many ideas came to me as to how these brands could incorporate more technology.

For example, using virtual reality could take the customer through an actual tour of the winery and vineyards.

Future of wine digital marketing

Even simple things like using an iPad that collects each customer’s email which can then be transferred into a database.

So you’re not only gaining deeper insights.

You can also start making validated decisions based on data rather than anecdotal evidence. 

To safeguard your business for the future, it’s vital you take a 360 approach to everything you do.

Not only because of Covid but because it’s the future. 



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