5 Steps to designing a digital campaign

Recently my client the D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry invited me to join them on their Instagram Live program to speak about how I mobilised a global community of #sherrylovers through the International Sherry Week campaign.  

It didn’t happen overnight, and it took alot of hard work. But ultimately when you have an excellent product, a consistent strategy and you take the time to cultivate a group of likeminded people – then anything is possible.  

International Sherry Week first launched 6 years ago in 2014.  It is an annual campaign driven through digital channels, celebrating Sherry Wines in bars, restaurants, wine stores and online events during the same week worldwide.  The objective is to unite both the on and off trade globally by providing them with the tools and support via an online platform to promote Sherry to their clients and customers.  

In 7 years there has been 10,185 registered events across 5 continents, more than 40,000 posts using the hashtag #sherryweek and an average of 50 million impacts of the same hashtag recorded in 2019 alone. 

Designing digital strategies is the same as designing any marketing campaign except with different terminologies. 

Here is how I approach digital campaigns in 5 easy steps.  

  1. Target Audience:  Who are we talking to and what problem do we solve for them, what value are we providing them
  2. The Channels: what digital channels such as social media & websites are they engaged with and what do they look for on these channels
  3. Content Strategy:  how will we engage with them through content such as original content, user generated content, blogs, masterclasses etc 
  4. Amplification Strategy: what’s our strategy to reach the target audience, PPC, Influencer outreach, ambassadors etc 
  5. Success measures: what does success look like and how will we measure it.  
5 steps to digital marketing strategy

It’s only once the strategy is agreed that you can move on to the implementation phase and not the other way around. 

Using this simple mind map, we are able to take our clients on a journey with us to ensure a true 360 experience that delivers results. Feel free to save the mind map and adapt to your own business needs.



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