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A fast and dynamic live tasting with 15 international bloggers together with the producers, all tweeting their tasting notes in 150 characters or less in the space of one hour.  

The premise of the Sherry Week campaign has always been to connect wine lovers to the Sherry region, regardless of their location – by using digital platforms.

A perfect example of one such activity we developed in collaboration with Ruben Luyten of Sherry Notes is the annual Twitter Tasting – #sherrytt. 

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Sherry Week



Social media strategy , Influencer outreach, Online marketing, Virtual Tasting, Experiential Marketing


sherry week twitter tasting

Each year, we brainstorm a different theme for the tasting and proceed to select 5 wines each from a different producer to be included in the tasting.  

To ensure a manageable and quality live tasting experience, only 15 tasting kits are made available to a selection of bloggers positioned globally. 

Led by Ruben, each wine is presented with a series of pre prepared tweets including historical and production notes – this is then followed by the participants tweeting their own impressions of the wine. A key component of the tasting has been to have the producers also in attendance to provide additional anecdotes about the wine and be available to answer any questions from the participants – live.   Our role as digital transformers is to support the producers to reach global audiences regardless of their technical abilities and if they don’t use Twitter – our team is always on hand to do it for them.  

The first tasting in 2014 showcased wines from each of the 3 towns of the sherry triangle, in 2015 we offered a Palo Cortado vertical tasting, 2016 included special guest host Jamie Goode as we presented 5 wines unavailable outside of Spain then in 2017 we invited 4 internationally renown sommeliers to select the wines and present them during the tasting,  who included the legendary late Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Gerard Basset.  In 2018 Francois Chartier joined Ruben to present a Vintage Sherry tasting, watching the online chatter over the years we dedicated 2019 to an Amontillado vertical tasting.  

In 2020 the Zoom boom was in full swing due to the global pandemic and our innovative Twitter Tasting needed to evolve to a new level.  This year’s theme would see us taste rare Sherry wines from the 50s alongside the same wine of today and we would do it live via Streamyard – allowing us to broadcast simultaneously to not only Twitter but also to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  By broadcasting on multiple platforms we were able to reach a broad spectrum of wine aficionados and publish everyones comments live to the broadcast making it a truly interactive experience for both the hosts, bloggers and all viewers. 

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On average the live tastings produce over 1000 tweets in one hour, reaching up to 500,000 people and often secure the trending topic in various countries with the hashtag #sherrytt. 

Following the tastings, the bloggers then go on to write more in depth reviews of their experience, sharing not only tasting notes, but historical facts shared by the producers & food pairing ideas.  


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