International Sherry Week

Multi Award Winning Global Campaign


We leveraged digital platforms to reach thousands of professionals and consumers worldwide to sniff, swirl, sip & celebrate Sherry Wines.

An integral part of the global sherry wine digital strategy, our CEO Chelsea Anthon founded the campaign in 2014.  We designed the campaign to celebrate the wines, to initiate a global buzz through social media as well as provide the organisers of ISW events with the tools and conversational hooks they needed to introduce the wines to a new generation of drinkers. The annual event brings thousands of wine lovers together to raise a glass of sherry at promoted events held in bars, restaurants, wine schools, virtual tastings as well as numerous spontaneous gatherings.

Client :

D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry



Design, Art Direction, Website, Social media strategy , Content Strategy , Translation, Photography, Influencer outreach, Online marketing, Virtual Tasting, Experiential Marketing, Digital Transformation, Content Development & Amplification



Sherry Week

By providing the hospitality industry and sherry distributors with free tools and support via an online platform at we’re able to connect and engage international,  professional sherry-lovers who participate in simultaneous events worldwide and share their celebrations through social media.

The campaign provides wine and gastronomy professionals with a reason to promote sherry wines to their customers and clients with a heavy focus on activities in restaurants, reinforcing sherry as a food wine.

Every year we produce a series of promotional materials including unique artwork, posters for venues to download and customise with their own event information, social media materials, tasting mats & guides to support both the on and off trade to participate in the campaign.

In close collaboration with the wine producers we produce a series of unique virtual tastings every year – never repeating the same format twice – ensuring the campaign is continually engaging and inspiring.

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In 7 years:

  • 10,410 events

  • 40 countries

  • 137 million impressions on Twitter

  • 400,000+ participants

  • 40,106 posts in social media with the hashtag #sherryweek 

  • 161,380 likes on Instagram

  • 25% increase in event participation year on year

  • 65% of events are gastronomy-focussed

  • 106% increase in traffic to the website

  • Estimated PR value: 1.485,000€

Source: Tweetbinder, Twitter, Google Analytics


International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain – Best Social Media Campaign 2020

The Drinks International Marketing Challenge 2020 – Best Digital & Social Media Campaign, 2016 & 2020

Drinks Business -2020 Best Social Media Campaign

“International Sherry Week has become a platform for people to discover more about Sherry, learn about it, find out about new wines and previously undiscovered styles and – most importantly – enjoy it in great company. It gives Sherry enthusiasts (whether they be in the on-trade, an influencer or a consumer) the opportunity to spread the word and bring people together to talk and taste the wine. Congratulations to Chelsea and all involved in this successful initiative.”    Mauricio González-Gordon | Chairman, González Byass S.A.

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