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Brandydejerez.es is the online destination for all industry and public information, both technical and current, about the Brandy de Jerez industry and category.

Developed originally in 2006 the site had not been updated for several years, and was giving both content managers and visitors a poor usability experience. In addition, the visual style failed to reflect the values or high quality of the brand and its associated products.

Given our success in building a global digital footprint for Vinos de Jerez | Sherry Wines, the governing body approached us to do the same for Brandy de Jerez.

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D.O. Brandy de Jerez




Design, Art Direction, Website, SEO, Social media strategy , Content Strategy , User Profiles, Digital Transformation, Content Development & Amplification


D.O. Brandy de Jerez

Our research showed that despite being one of the oldest spirits in Spain, there was very little knowledge about the production and ageing process of Brandy de Jerez within the professional sector. So we redesigned and built a completely new online experience that captured the heritage and sophistication of the category, with dedicated producer pages allowing them to showcase their premium brands while providing an easy-to-use platform for staff to publish up-to-date news and information.

We designed a social media content strategy targeted at professionals, including both junior and senior sommeliers, mixologists, bartenders and drinks buyers, providing them with easy-to-understand technical information and access to the people behind Brandy de Jerez.

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Brandy de Jerez now has a sophisticated digital platform with current information for both trade and consumers provided in both Spanish and English resulting in an increase in traffic of 80% month on month.

We developed an audience strategy focussed on professionals who want to amplify their knowledge of spirts, introducing an online exam whereby participants receive a professional Brandy de Jerez certificate on successful completion. To compliment the introduction course we designed the first ever Brandy de Jerez infographic to explain the intricate elaboration method of Brandy de Jerez.  This tool is now used as an essential educational tool for the producers and their distributors worldwide.

This action has seen exceptional engagement within the professional sector with the education section of the site www.brandydejerez.es consistently in the top-3 visited and shared pages.

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