Cardenal Mendoza

Digital Transformation


We transitioned this iconic brand, founded in 1781, into the digital era using compelling content & influencer outreach.

Cardenal Mendoza had relied on the heritage of its name and loyal consumers for many years; however sales were stagnating, prompting them to seek our expertise to re-invigorate the brand with their existing consumers and a new, younger audience.

Client :

Bodegas Sanchez Romate



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Cardenal Mendoza Digital Transformation

As part of a fresh, contemporary content marketing campaign we developed an audience strategy that uses creative editorial to associate the brand with aspirational experiences. At the same time we demonstrated the artisanal and historic qualities of one of Spain’s most popular brandies.

Because the brand had never been represented on digital platforms before, we paid close attention to how the community was talking about brandy as a category and over time evolved the content strategy to reflect this:

C + C = Cardenal Mendoza C Factor 

Cardenal Mendoza, with its warm, balanced flavour and intense finish, pairs beautifully with cigars, chocolate, coffee, and other liquors to create innovative and exciting cocktails. 

Cocktail Videos in collaboration with WE LOVE COCKTAILS. 

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Within three months of launching the website in three languages we achieved page-1 organic ranking in Google for the keyword Brandy de Jerez with the 25-34 male demographic, the largest? group visiting the page.

In less than 15 months we built an active, engaged, global community across both Facebook and Instagram while inspiring more than 3000 original posts using the hashtag #cardenalmendoza.

There are now more than 100 original articles in German, Spanish and English exploring the history and craftsmanship of Cardenal Mendoza Brandy de Jerez, as well as new ways to enjoy it.

“Since Chelsea & Co helped us transition into the digital era Cardenal Mendoza has experienced new interest in the brand from both on and off-trade and consequently an increase in sales. People are talking about us again and our distributors couldn’t be happier as they now have a new story to tell every week to their customers.”  Fran Requejo –  Managing Director 

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