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Cardenal Mendoza, the award-winning Solera Gran Reserva celebrated the 5th edition of the Golden Week on October 25th – 31st 2020.  We produced a series of online events including seminars, cocktail competitions, tasting sessions, and illustrative video broadcasts around the world, with a reach of more than one million people. 


Listening to your target audience is pivotal in the development of building customer loyalty and engagement. As part of the strategy for the digital transformation of Cardenal Mendoza we watched closely how the community themselves engaged and consumed the brand. By doing so we were able to develop an innovative content strategy that we refer to as the C Factor. These are ways of enjoying Cardenal Mendoza by pairing it with the right accompaniment, such as chocolate, a good cigar, coffee in a carajillo, or in a cocktail – all starting with ‘C’, hence the C Factors.

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Cardenal Mendoza



Social media strategy , Content Strategy , Influencer outreach, Virtual Tasting, Experiential Marketing


Cardenal Mendoza Virtual Tasting

Experiential marketing through interactive virtual tastings 

Working closely with the brands distributors in key markets we were able to transport the essence and soul of the spirit into the mind and taste buds of journalists, mixologists and brandy lovers from all corners of the world through a virtual tasting that combined the C Factor experience. 

For these virtual events, a series of activities took place in more than 10 countries, from food and wine tasting sessions, seminars, and cocktail competitions to illustrated videos, in order to show the wide variety of ways in which the brand is consumed around the world. Among these was the C Factor Experience from We Love Cocktails in Germany. Cigar influencer Ken Stemler was joined by André Camacho, a renowned bartender from We Love Cocktails, each presenting his own C Factor.

The C Factor Virtual Tasting in the United States saw a tour of the producer’s premises in Jerez, and an expert from each C Factor explained their role in ensuring the perfect pairing with Cardenal Mendoza. 

Tasting in The Cloud was an international live-streamed tasting where the brandy was smoked with three different types of wood; the aim was to show which special characteristics this process brings to the brandy. A pack was sent to each guest with instructions for how to carry out the activity.

Cardenal Mendoza C Factor

Cardenal Mendoza’s rapid adjustment to the limitations caused by the pandemic has seen excellent results: high engagement levels, reaching more than 1 million people; more than 500 stories shared on Instagram; and a large number of new followers gained on social networks.

Watch the complete US C Factor online tasting experience, featuring Cigar blender & ambassador for Cohiba Cigars Sean Williams , Lisette Gavina who is a 4th generation coffee expert, a licensed Q Grader and coffee taster certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, Alejandra Perez-Mendoz @romanicoschocolate – a humble self made chocolatera, Borja Leal from Cardenal Mendoza and our CEO Chelsea Anthon as host.

We recommend you also follow Cigar influencer @cigar.dreams and mixology influencers We Love Cocktails

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