My obsession with Spain & why I want to promote it to the world

I absolutely love everything about Spain.

So I decided to move here a number of years ago.

Since losing my father who was from Galicia at 20 years old, I became passionate about anything and everything Spanish in Australia.

I would seek out all Spanish products as part of my grieving.

In an attempt to feel more connected to my father and get to know him better.

When I actually arrived in Spain I realised there was a great opportunity to work with Spanish SMEs to help them with their digital transformation – on a global scale.

In the past, I’d never really given much thought to the different regions where products came from.

Then I realised how important it was to tell the story about these regions from living in different countries and working across different markets.

I’ve always thought of myself as quite multicultural.

But this experience taught me to respect every country differently whilst still keeping the core of the brand intact.

This is an approach I still use today.

It’s all about paying homage to each location and creating a unique offering that fits on both ends.

These collaborations have allowed me to create some really successful campaigns for my Spanish clients.

Which I love doing and will continue to do for many more years. 

By Chelsea Anthon, CEO and Founder Chelsea & Co.



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