Chelsea & Co.: leading the digital transformation of the D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and Manzanilla since 2014

It has been eight years since the D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and Manzanilla chose Chelsea & Co. as the agency to oversee its digital transformation, a choice that, nonetheless, goes much further than online.

Since 2014, when we launched the first International Sherry Week, our team has worked closely with D.O. Sherry to design and roll out a 360º digital strategy that encompasses the website and the global social media strategy alike, a digital ecosystem that currently has more than 100,000 active users.

Since then, Chelsea & Co. has worked with the Regulatory Board to deliver a profoundly rich digital user experience. Over the last 7 years we have published roughly 9,000 pages written in five languages (Spanish, English, Japanese, Dutch and German) that have attracted more than 2,222,859 visitors and generated more than 5,789,294 page views.

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Thanks to an attractive, SEO-centred content design, currently gets 1,610,343 organic visits monthly.

Chelsea & Co.’s forward-looking approach has been key to the success of the digital presence of Spain’s oldest D.O.

From the outset, three pillars were set out as the basis of our strategy. Firstly, a future-proof website was designed that focused on improving visits from portable devices and high-value content around the user’s interests. On the other hand, the meticulous design of sought to provide the best experience on any device. What’s more, the project also focused on high-value content, dreamt up by the Chelsea & Co. team and drawn up by a team of experts from the world of wine and gastronomy.

Among the improvements made by our team to include the implementation of a new CMS based on Wagtail (the go-to by institutions such as Google, NASA and BMW, among others); setting up a website with mobile users in mind; an improved search system by integrating Elastic Search, a search engine that provides more relevant results; SEO-centred and high-value content for a wide range of users, segmented into sommeliers, bartenders, press, wine buyers, educators, students and wine and food lovers in general; the use of images with Artificial Intelligence so that photographs are always displayed in a relevant way, regardless of the device used and, last but not least, developing an optimised multi-language experience.

However, as we said above, the digital strategy has a 360º concept, emerging from the digital world to feed back into the digital world.

In 2022, the ninth edition of Sherry Week will be held, an ambitious international event that will bring together thousands of lovers of delicious Sherry Wines in more than 30 countries, just like in previous years.

Chelsea & Co.’s global vision will ensure that, once again, no matter where they are, all Sherry lovers can take part in tastings, talks, master classes, food and wine pairings and guided cooking experiences.

International Sherry Week, the world’s largest celebration of the wines from southern Spain, will bring these exquisite and incredibly versatile wines to homes, bars, restaurants and wine stores across four continents between the 7th and 13th of November 2022.

International Sherry Week 2022

Chelsea & Co.’s commitment does not stop there. In our efforts to bring Sherry Wines to every corner of the world, we developed a Social Media strategy that currently drives 20% of the traffic on However, not just that; user engagement, channeled through the hashtag #sherrylover (Created by Chelsea & Co.), leads to more than 200 posts per month by a worldwide community for such a unique product as the wines of the D.O. Jerez and Sanlúcar.

Chelsea & Co. is proud to have contributed to improving the digital positioning, on a global level, of some of the world’s best wines. Our mission is to pave the way in the digital transformation of wine and spirits in Spain through a unique combination of strategy, creativity and amplification so that we can implement holistic, results-driven marketing and communication campaigns. We are innovative digital transformers with our roots in tradition, a fully bilingual Spanish/English team led by a team of women from 12 countries with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing and 15 years’ experience in digital marketing.

However, we definitely feel at ease when our clients talk about us…

Chelsea and its team have been a key asset in helping Sherry Wine make the transition to the digital age. They provide expert advice on digital strategies that help us to reach a global community of food and wine professionals, as well as come up with new initiatives that complement our campaigns with an integrated marketing approach, using our digital platforms to reach the entire world.

César Saldaña, President of the Regulatory Council of the D.O Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and Manzanilla.



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